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35+ verified google reviews
35+ Verified 5 Star Google Reviews

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Are you in Dee Why, NSW and in need of top-notch curtain services? If so, the multi-award-winning D&R Blinds is your go-to solution. With a core value of being customer-focused, they're dedicated to prioritising your unique needs above everything else. They don't just aim to exceed your expectations; they endeavour to surpass them in every possible way. You'll be impressed by how they truly care about your satisfaction. It's not just about delivering high-quality curtains, that's a given. It's about providing you with a service that's tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're after a classic look or something more modern, they'll listen to your vision and bring it to life. You're not just a customer to them, you're part of the D&R Blinds family.D&R Blinds' customer-centric approach has not only won them multiple awards, but also the trust and loyalty of countless customers. They pride themselves on their reputation for exceptional service and top-quality productsSo, when it comes to curtains in Dee Why, NSW, trust the experts who prioritise you first. Trust D&R Blinds, where every customer is valued.

35+ 5 Star Google Reviews

We are humbled by the positive Google reviews and testimonials from those we’ve had the pleasure of serving, and we are committed to maintaining our reputation for excellence.

I was impressed with their customer service – knowledgeable and friendly staff who helped me find the perfect blinds for my home. Installation was a breeze, and the quality of their products is outstanding.

Zhao Jeff

Jay and his team were very professional. Curtains were made of high quality material and their service was exceptional. Highly recommended for high quality curtains and blinds.

Vivian Huang

I would like to give a big shout out to Hao Lyu! I put in a last minute flyscreen order and he went above and beyond to get everything sorted. The scratch resistant screen is very sturdy and strong, with a premium matte metallic finish. Most importantly it doesn’t block any light.
This is the second time we have chosen d&r blinds. Last time was about blackout and sheer curtains, this time it’s for automated roller blinds. I have to say they are very professional, efficient, supportive, and always provide us with a wonderful customer experience.

Ke Liu

I'd like to give D&R blinds here a big thumb up. They took care of my fly screens in two weeks. Did a fabulous job on colour matching and mesh selections. Quick response. Always on time. DefinItely recommend they service!


D&R Blinds was very attentive to what my needs were and had the best price on the market for both blinds and flyscreens. I compared amongst a few companies but they were better in price by a few hundred.
We were very happy with our choice to go with d&r blinds for our entire house 😊 the shutters look amazing, they were very professional and affordable thanks again for the transformation and to all the team that worked with us from the admin side to the installation side.

GTR Life

I have been recommended to find D&R to do the blinds and fly screen window and they are definitely worth the price. Their customer service is very nice and I have been given many choices and advice when deciding which blinds and fly screen windows to install.
D&R’s team of designers worked closely with me to create window dressings that perfectly reflected my individuality and style.

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Addressing Your Window Covering Needs with Award-Winning Curtains

Imagine immersing yourself in the world of our award-winning curtains and let your windows speak volumes about your style. That's the kind of atmosphere quality curtains can create in your space. You're not just selecting a window covering; you're choosing a mood, a style, and a statement for your home. Our multi-award-winning curtains offer you the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, transforming your windows into works of art. Think back to that moment when you walked into a room, and the first thing that caught your eye was the beautifully draped curtains. The way they hung, their texture, the colour, the pattern, all working in harmony to enhance the room's overall appeal. That's the power curtains hold. They're like the finishing touch, the cherry on top that ties everything together. Whether you're after a classic elegance, a vibrant pop of colour, or a sleek minimalist look, our carefully curated collection of curtains can help you achieve that. Let's put it this way- imagine your windows are the eyes of your home. The curtains are like the perfect pair of glasses that not only improve vision but also add to your personality. Remember when Sarah from down the street got those stylish frames, and suddenly everyone noticed how they made her eyes pop? That's what the right pair of curtains can do for your home. They can transform the way people perceive your space, adding a layer of sophistication, warmth, or cheer, depending on what you're aiming for. So, immerse yourself in the world of our award-winning curtains and let your windows speak volumes about your style.

Bespoke Australian Made Blinds & Curtainsshutters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of curtains do you offer at D&R Blinds?

We offer a wide variety of Australian-made quality curtains. Our range includes everything from traditional styles to modern and innovative designs. We're confident you'll find something to suit your taste and home.

Are there any hidden costs with your free measure & quote service?

There aren't any hidden costs. Our free measure & quote service is exactly that - free. We believe in upfront pricing, so you'll know exactly what you're paying from the get-go.

How long have you been operating in Dee Why, NSW?

We've been serving the Dee Why, NSW community for many years now. Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned us over 50 5-star Google reviews and made us a multi-award-winning business.

Do you provide installation services for the curtains?

Yes, we do! We provide complete installation services for the curtains you purchase from us. Our team is experienced and ensures a quality finish every time.

What makes your curtains different from others on the market?

Our curtains stand out because they are Australian-made, ensuring quality and durability. Additionally, we are 5-star rated with 50+ Google reviews and a multi-award-winning business. We focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Dee Why Curtains

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Why Are Curtains Vital for Your Home?

Curtains aren't just a decorative add-on in your home, are they? They play a more significant role than you might realise. In fact, they're an essential part of any well-designed space. But what makes them so important? Let's take a closer look. Firstly, they're your best friend when it comes to managing light in your home. You've probably experienced the annoyance of a sunbeam hitting your TV screen on a lazy Sunday afternoon, haven't you? That's where curtains come in. They help you control the amount of daylight entering your home, making it easier to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment. And at D&R Blinds, we offer a free measure and quote service to make sure you get the perfect fit for your windows. Secondly, curtains provide much-needed privacy. You don't want passers peeking into your home, do you? Curtains ensure that your home remains your private sanctuary. Plus, they're a great way to express your personal style. With our wide range of designs and fabrics at D&R Blinds, you're sure to find something that matches your taste and enhances your space. So, whether you're in Dee Why, NSW or nearby, don't underestimate the importance of great curtains in your home.

A wide range

Blinds, Shutters & Curtains for all window sizes and styles.

Free measure and quote

Our window stylists will provide you with a tailor-made solution for your window furnishings.

Swift delivery & installation

Receive your blinds sooner with a 7–14 day turnaround time

Aussie Made

Feel assured that our products are superior in quality, locally-made, durable and include an extensive warranty.

Friendly Service

Feel confident we’ll provide the
best advice with a smile.

Bespoke Design

Balancing beautiful aesthetics
with functionality


Find the perfect window furnishings for your space.

D&R Blinds is a top-rated, multi-award-winning business located in Auburn, NSW, specialising in the provision of high-quality curtains. With a strong reputation for excellence, as evidenced by our 5-star rating and over 50 glowing Google reviews, we pride ourselves on delivering Australian-made quality. D&R Blinds offers a free measure and quote service, guaranteeing customers receive bespoke, perfectly fitting curtains. We are dedicated to a quality-focused, innovative, and customer-centric approach, providing upfront pricing to guarantee a transparent buying experience.

Discover the Elegance of Tailor-Made Curtains from D&R Blinds

You're not just purchasing curtains, you're investing in quality, artistry, and design. At D&R Blinds, we comprehend that every home is unique and so are your requirements. That's why we provide curtains that are crafted and tailored locally. This means you're receiving a product that's not just customised to your precise specifications, but one that also showcases bespoke designs and styles. Whether you're seeking blackout curtains for a restful night's sleep, or sheer curtains for a gentle, sophisticated touch, we've got you covered. You'll appreciate the adaptability and the freedom of choice our service provides. We're not about one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we concentrate on delivering tailor-made curtains that mirror your individual style and elevate your living space. You can choose from a diverse range of designs and materials, ensuring that you discover something that matches your preferences and complements your home decor. And with our swift turnarounds, you won't have to wait long to witness your vision come to fruition.What distinguishes us from other curtain suppliers in Dee Why, NSW is our dedication to local production. We believe in supporting our local economy and delivering top-notch curtains that are crafted right here in our community. This not only guarantees exceptional craftsmanship but also means we can offer you a faster, more efficient service. So why settle for less when you can have custom-made, locally manufactured curtains that are tailored to meet your requirements? With D&R Blinds, you're selecting more than just curtains - you're choosing quality, style, and local artistry.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Well, it's simple. We've garnered a 5-star rating with over 50 Google reviews, which speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. All our products are Australian-made and built to last. We offer a free measure and quote service, and our pricing is upfront, so you'll never have to worry about hidden costs. We're a multi-award-winning business that takes pride in delivering the best for our clients. Our core values revolve around the quality of our products, innovative solutions, and a customer-centric approach. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

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