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35+ verified google reviews
35+ Verified 5 Star Google Reviews

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Dee Why Office Blinds and Curtains

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Give your office a makeover with D&R Blinds, a professional commercial blinds and curtains service provider in Dee Why, NSW. We're not just about selling you curtains and blinds, we're about providing the perfect window dressing solution that complements your office's aesthetics and functionality. And with our core value of professionalism, you can expect nothing less than excellent service from us. Frustrated with ill-fitting blinds or curtains that just don't look right? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our team of experts provide a free measure and quote service, ensuring your chosen window furnishings fit perfectly and look great. We realise that your office is a reflection of your brand, that's why we aim to deliver accuracy in every project we handle. Choosing D&R Blinds means you're choosing a company that values professionalism and quality. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service and products. So, if you want a professional touch to your commercial office blinds and curtains in Dee Why, NSW, remember that D&R Blinds is your trusted partner.

35+ 5 Star Google Reviews

We are humbled by the positive Google reviews and testimonials from those we’ve had the pleasure of serving, and we are committed to maintaining our reputation for excellence.

I was impressed with their customer service – knowledgeable and friendly staff who helped me find the perfect blinds for my home. Installation was a breeze, and the quality of their products is outstanding.

Zhao Jeff

Jay and his team were very professional. Curtains were made of high quality material and their service was exceptional. Highly recommended for high quality curtains and blinds.

Vivian Huang

I would like to give a big shout out to Hao Lyu! I put in a last minute flyscreen order and he went above and beyond to get everything sorted. The scratch resistant screen is very sturdy and strong, with a premium matte metallic finish. Most importantly it doesn’t block any light.
This is the second time we have chosen d&r blinds. Last time was about blackout and sheer curtains, this time it’s for automated roller blinds. I have to say they are very professional, efficient, supportive, and always provide us with a wonderful customer experience.

Ke Liu

I'd like to give D&R blinds here a big thumb up. They took care of my fly screens in two weeks. Did a fabulous job on colour matching and mesh selections. Quick response. Always on time. DefinItely recommend they service!


D&R Blinds was very attentive to what my needs were and had the best price on the market for both blinds and flyscreens. I compared amongst a few companies but they were better in price by a few hundred.
We were very happy with our choice to go with d&r blinds for our entire house 😊 the shutters look amazing, they were very professional and affordable thanks again for the transformation and to all the team that worked with us from the admin side to the installation side.

GTR Life

I have been recommended to find D&R to do the blinds and fly screen window and they are definitely worth the price. Their customer service is very nice and I have been given many choices and advice when deciding which blinds and fly screen windows to install.
D&R’s team of designers worked closely with me to create window dressings that perfectly reflected my individuality and style.

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Liven Up Your Workspace with Our Commercial Office Blinds and Curtains

When it comes to creating a comfortable and productive work environment, your choice in office decoration plays a pivotal role. Not only does it impact the overall aesthetic, but it can also influence the mood and efficiency of your employees. And what's more effective in enhancing the ambience of your offices than our Australian-made, top-quality commercial office blinds and curtains? You'll be amazed at how simple yet significant a change it can bring to your workspace. The right set of blinds or curtains can change the whole dynamic of the room, regulating the amount of light that enters the space, and thereby determining the mood. A dimly lit room can be transformed into a lively, energetic environment with bright blinds or curtains. Alternatively, a space with too much sunlight can be softened with darker, heavier curtains, creating a calm, focused atmosphere. Our range offers a variety of colours, patterns, and materials, allowing you to tailor the light and the look to your specific needs. But it's not just about controlling the light. Our Australian-made blinds and curtains also provide an added layer of privacy and sound insulation, making sure that your employees can work in peace and quiet. The robust quality of our products ensures they can withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy office environment, offering longevity that's just as impressive as their aesthetic appeal. So why wait? Inject some personality and functionality into your office space with our commercial office blinds and curtains. You won't regret it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of commercial office blinds and curtains do you offer?

We provide a broad range of commercial office blinds and curtains. From traditional vertical blinds to contemporary roller blinds and a selection of curtain styles, we've got you covered. They're all Australian-made and we can guarantee you of their quality.

How can I get a quote for my office?

It's simple! We offer a free measure and quote service. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our website, and we'll arrange a time that's convenient for you. We'll come out, measure your windows, and give you an upfront price.

Why should I choose D&R Blinds for my office blinds and curtains?

We're a multi-award-winning business and we have a 5-star rating with over 50 Google reviews. Our core values are being professional, innovative, and dependable. We offer quality Australian-made products, and we are confident you'll be satisfied with our service.

Do you offer installation services for commercial office blinds and curtains?

Yes, we do! After we measure and quote, we'll also install your new blinds or curtains. We make sure they fit perfectly and function as they should.

Can I customize the blinds and curtains to match my office decor?

Absolutely! We recognise the importance of a chesive office decor. We offer a variety of styles, colours, and materials, so you can personalise your blinds and curtains to match your office style perfectly.

Dee Why Office Blinds and Curtains

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Enhance Your Office Space with Commercial Office Blinds and Curtains

In today's competitive business landscape, the ambience of your office space can greatly impact your team's productivity and the impression you make on clients. This is where D&R Blinds steps in. Our Australian-made quality commercial office blinds and curtains seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, giving your workspace a professional and stylish edge. You might be wondering, 'Why should I invest in high-quality blinds and curtains?' Well, the answer is simple. Proper window treatments not only contribute to the overall decor of your office but also help regulate natural light, reduce glare on computer screens, and maintain a comfortable temperature. They're a smart, cost-effective way to enhance the comfort and efficiency of your workspace. Moreover, at D&R Blinds, we take pride in our quality Australian-made products. We recognize that every office in Dee Why, NSW, has unique needs and styles. That's why we offer a diverse range of blinds and curtains, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space. So, whether you're revamping your existing office or setting up a new one, remember that the right window treatments can make a huge difference.

A wide range

Blinds, Shutters & Curtains for all window sizes and styles.

Free measure and quote

Our window stylists will provide you with a tailor-made solution for your window furnishings.

Swift delivery & installation

Receive your blinds sooner with a 7–14 day turnaround time

Aussie Made

Feel assured that our products are superior in quality, locally-made, durable and include an extensive warranty.

Friendly Service

Feel confident we’ll provide the
best advice with a smile.

Bespoke Design

Balancing beautiful aesthetics
with functionality


Find the perfect window furnishings for your space.

D&R Blinds is a highly-rated, multi-award-winning business located in Auburn, NSW, that specialises in providing Commercial Office Blinds and Curtains. We are renowned for our top-tier, Australian-made quality products, which have earned us over 50 five-star Google reviews. D&R Blinds is not only professional and reliable, but we also bring innovation to designs and offerings. We take pride in our transparent, upfront pricing and offer free measurements and quotes to make certain that customers receive the best possible service. Our expert team is ready to enhance your office aesthetic, offering a wide range of stylish and functional blinds and curtains tailored specifically to commercial settings.

Why D&R Blinds' 'Tailored' Approach is Perfect for Your Commercial Space

You've taken great pains to design your office perfectly. Every piece of furniture, every splash of colour, is there for a reason. So why should your blinds and curtains be any different? At D&R Blinds, we acknowledge the importance of customisation. Our 'Tailored' approach guarantees that your blinds and curtains don't just fit your windows, they also fit your style, your brand, and your vision. Imagine walking into an office where everything is in sync. The blinds match the colour scheme, the curtains add a touch of corporate elegance, and the overall aesthetic is just as you envisioned. This is not a dream it's what we do every day at D&R Blinds. We've worked with dozens of businesses, like the award-winning design firm in Sydney's CBD. They were struggling to find blinds and curtains that would suit their modern, minimalist design. That's where our 'Tailored' approach shined. We designed, created, and installed blinds and curtains that not only met their needs but also enhanced their workspace. You're not just getting curtains or blinds; you're investing in a custom experience that enhances your commercial space. Our bespoke designs ensure that no two installations are the same, just like no two businesses are the same. With our award-winning service, you can rest assured knowing that your needs are acknowledged and catered for. So, why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have tailored? With D&R Blinds, you're not just a customer you're a partner in creating a workspace that truly represents your business.


Why Should You Choose Us?

When you're looking for commercial office blinds and curtains, there's no better place than D&R Blinds. Why? Well, we're a 5-Star rated, multi award-winning business with over 50 glowing Google reviews to back us up. Everything we offer is Australian-Made quality, guaranteeing you the best products in the market. Plus, we offer a free measure and quote, along with upfront pricing, so you'll know exactly what you're getting without any hidden surprises. We pride ourselves on being professional, innovative, and reliable, always ensuring we meet your needs exactly. So, why wait? Trust D&R Blinds for your commercial office blinds and curtains, you won't be disappointed.

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